Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mouth of the Grand.. Ha more like Asshole of the Grand..

The previous owners who used to run this blog called it Mouth of the Grand???


The Grand River's mouth (source) is actually near Dundalk Ontario. It then flows South to eventually empty into Lake Erie.. Therefore Dunnville/Port Maitland is the asshole of the grand..

The previous owners lived in Dunnville/Port Maitland at the end of the river where it empties into the Lake Erie.. Sorry to the previous owners of this place, but that sure as hell isn't the mouth... Sounds more like the asshole to me..

So why did I take over their domain????

First, it didn't cost me a dime to do so..

Second, I got the previous owners site shut down... The previous owners that used to run this site were bagging about the Autodrome not being legal...

Third, I took over the site partly to be a dick, partly so they couldn't use it again, partly because they started coming after my business that is in no way connected to the Autodrome, and finally again to partly be a dick!!!